If Kim Kardashian has been on the cover of Vogue, why shouldn't Grumpy Cat celebrate her second birthday by visiting the fashion publication's offices in New York? But of course she didn't enjoy the trip.

Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat appearing in Los Angeles last year.

Grumpy Cat, the feline who regularly delights internet trawlers with her perpetually miserable expression and sharp wit, visited Vogue's offices a day before she celebrated her second birthday on Friday (4th April). Grumpy has become an internet sensation and has frequently appeared on numerous TV shows. Vogue is the latest famous publication the delightfully irritable cat has visited and she posed for a number of pictures whilst in their New York offices. 

Grumpy looked distinctly grumpy whilst being held up close to the Vogue sign; considering a mood board of the latest styles; meeting some Vogue execs; and checking out past feline contributors to the magazine. Grumpy was not even impressed when the magazine created a special cover featuring the blue eyed beauty, albeit with the headlines "The Miserable Life" and "A Journey Down the Catwalk". 

Unfortunately - but unsurprisingly - Grumpy was distinctly unimpressed with the experience and tweeted her annoyance at being dragged once more away from her home in Arizona. She wrote, presumably with the help of her owner's opposable thumbs, "I went to Vogue Magazine once. It was awful." 

However, as Grumpy also had the same reaction to visiting Times Square, meeting Morgan Spurlock and inspiring art work, it was hardly surprising this was not an experience she enjoyed. 

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Whilst her fans of the human and feline variety sent Grumpy birthday wishes, cat food company Friskies in collaboration with Grumps helped her celebrate all things grumpy by hosting the '1 Million Frowns Challenge'. Grumpy fans have been tweeting their cats at their most unhappy in the hopes of competing with Grumpy. So far it has been unsuccessful but the tweets keeping 'pawing' in!