Georgina Haig is reportedly set to join the cast of Once Upon A Time as Elsa, the Snow Queen of Arendelle. The Australian actress is in talks with the ABC show's producers for the part in the upcoming fifth season, as TV Guide reports.

Georgina Haig
Georgina Haig will join the cast of Once Upon A Time as the Snow Queen Elsa.

The story line will evidently brush on the Snow Queen, first written by Hans Christian Anderson and recently adapted by Disney into the hit film Frozen. The film's producers are certainly invoking the film as they appreciated the take on Elsa. Executive producer Adam Horowitz said "The thing we loved so much about that movie, among a million other things, was that Elsa was misunderstood." This was echoed by Edward Kitsis who announced Elsa would not be the show's antagonist, stating Elsa "was never a villain."

As we saw in the finale of last season, an urn containing Elsa in Rumplestiltskin's vault was upturned when it was transported into future by Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Hook's (Colin O'Donoghue) time travelling. 

Scott Michael Foster
Scott Michael Foster will also join the cast as Kristoff.

28-year-old Haig currently stars in Reckless but has been in a number of US an Australian television series including Fringe and children's series The Elephant Princess

Haig will join the cast and two newcomers who will star as her on-screen family. Elizabeth Lail, an relatively unknown actress, will play Anna the younger sister of Elsa. Scott Michael Foster, best known for playing Cappie in Greek, will star as Anna's boyfriend Kristoff. 

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Jennifer Morrison
Jennifer Morrison stars as Emma in Once Upon A Time.