G-Eazy has been in a ''much better headspace'' since his split from Halsey.

The 31-year-old rap star - whose real name is Gerald Gillum - and Halsey, 25, ended their turbulent romance in October 2018, and he is now said to be in a much better frame of mind than he was during their relationship.

A source told Us Weekly: ''Their relationship was toxic, especially toward the end. Gerald has a much more positive outlook on life now and has been healing through music.

''He has spent much of the pandemic in his home studio, whether he's writing and recording new songs or just playing around and experimenting. It's been a real creative breakthrough.''

The celebrity duo first began dating in 2017 but they briefly split in July 2018.

And even though they soon rekindled their romance, G-Eazy and Halsey split for good a few months later.

Following their separation, Halsey hit out at her ex-boyfriend in public, describing G-Eazy as a ''s***** dude''.

What's more, she described their acrimonious split as ''heinous''.

The 'Without Me' hitmaker - who has also dated the likes of Yungblud and Evan Peters since 2018 - said: ''I was doing 'Good Morning America' and I'm in a blonde wig and white patent-leather outfit, twirling around while I'm going through a heinous break-up.

''I look down and there are these two girls, one with pink hair, one with blue hair, septum piercings, cool as f***, still loving me, probably knowing what a weird time I'm going through.

''But hey, if the worst thing that's happened to me so far is I wore dumb clothes and dated a s***** dude, I think I'm doing all right.''