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Being cooped up in your house or engrossed in tiresome work, especially during quarantine times, certainly brings out a new perspective about the world right outside our cozy & homey estate. It goes without saying, you must sometimes pick up the keys to your ride and hit the road with some of the best car songs and set a lively atmosphere of karaoke.


Well, lucky me! I just managed to have a vehicle history check, bought a 2015 Toyota RAV4, and am about to hit the road. Before I go, I would like to recommend my favorite car songs. Listen to them in your next drive, I am sure you will love them too!

1.      Watermelon Sugar (Fine Line album) by Harry Styles

To sum it up in a single word, Watermelon Sugar, by Harry Styles, confesses all about craving and love. It’s dedicated to the Act of Touching. Loving someone is hard to hold back on, evident from the Watermelon Sugar’s juicy and sensual lyrics: 

“I want more berries and that summer feelin'
It's so wonderful and warm

Breathe me in, breathe me out
I don't know if I could ever go without.”


Listening to Watermelon Sugar hooks you up in its desire and lust-filled vibe. I bet you would have concluded who to spend your time with or what to consume. A perfect end to your car-ride aye! It holds the 7th rank on Spotify in the Global Top 50 and received tons of positive critic reviews. British GQ acclaims Watermelon to be, "a lusty bop with a chorus perfectly designed for chanting in a stadium."

2.      Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa

Don’t Start Now is a yet another banger single by Dua Lipa. She takes a leap occupying the 9th rank with Don’t Start Now on Spotify. The song gives off a carefree & nostalgic vibe as you ride, reflecting back on how she moved on and grew stronger by facing her past breakups. Your body yearns to dance and will be drunk with the thrills of the song’s disco drums, beats, and tempo that will render you helpless against the bold lyrics. The song lyrics represent how scary yet crazily good & powerful it feels to overcome a hurdle.

3.      No Time to Die by Billie Eilish

No Time to Die resonates fittingly with Daniel Craig’s James bond embodiment. An immersive song that’s got a kick to it, raising goose-bumps with Billie’s coy & striking vocals backed by remarkable orchestral arrangement & Finneas O'Connell piano play. It’s a dark and slow song with spine-tingling lyrics inkling at hunger to live in the faceoff against betrayal & death. This one makes you feel determined in holding the steering wheel of your life. 

4.      On the Road Again by Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson received the Grammy for the iconic On the Road Again. You absolutely cannot miss out on this classic road song - a heck of a country music song! Its melody makes it a top choice for relaxing songs when driving. You can’t help but sing along or hum if you’re shy.


P.S. Add friends theme song by The Rembrandts to your car’s playlist; its funky vibe made it a global hit. This comforting song represents how we drive through in our lives, closing one chapter, and opening up another.