The minister who married T.I. and TAMEKA COTTLE last month (Aug10) has spoken out in the wake of their drug arrest, suggesting it may have been racially motivated.
The couple has been released on bail after Los Angeles cops pulled over their car on Sunset Boulevard on Wednesday night (01Sep10) and arrested them on suspicion of possession of drugs.
The arresting officers allegedly smelled cannabis smoke coming from the luxury vehicle.
The arrest comes just months after T.I. completed a six month sentence for weapons possession.
Former United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young has worked with T.I. since the rapper was released and has travelled the U.S. with him as he spoke to kids about the dangers of drugs and guns, and he fears his friend was targetted by the police officers.
Young, who officiated at T.I. and Cottle's August nuptials in Miami, Florida, tells the Associated Press, "I assume that you're innocent until you're proven guilty.
"If he was driving and smoking marijuana, that is absolutely stupid. But why was he pulled over in the first place? Because he had a Maybach (car)? Because he was black? Because they know who he is and resent his success?"