Fleet Foxes find complaints about illegal downloading "disgusting".

The group don't understand why musicians are unhappy about fans obtaining their music from the internet for free and urge people to take their music however they want.

Singer Robin Pecknold said: "I don't care abut piracy, I downloaded hundreds and hundreds of records, why should I care if someone take ours? That's a really petty thing to care about, how much money do I need? I think it's disgusting when people complain about that. I'm up for illegal downloads, absolutely."

The frontman insists that the easy availability of music these days can only be beneficial to the industry.

He added to BANG Showbiz: "I think as much music as you can hear - especially for musicians - will only make music better and we're seeing that now in terms of new bands, they're doing way better now and making better music now than before."