Vegas, the city of colour and gambling, is probably the most advertised city in music videos of all times. More than 6 million videos were filmed there, so it's not really too hard to see how popular it is among the artists.

Given the fact it is considered the city of lights, lit up at night it will offer the greatest special effects that no green screen could ever compare with. It became a pattern among the videos to start with a few sequences where close ups of different neon signs are flashing before the viewers' eyes. Once this part is over, different cameos of the inside of the casinos and scenes where cash and coins are tossed around follow up.

Las Vegas

Although you probably saw the same plot again and again, there are a few clips that are standing out through their aesthetics, vintage footage or storyline. Without further ado, it's time to dig in the best 5 music videos that keep the Vegas theme, but also add a personal note that makes them so much different than the mainstream.

5. Sam Smith - "Money on my mind"

Although this might look exactly like what we described earlier, it compensates a bit through the fact it is set in a different restaurant, while a lot of such videos feature the famous Dino's.

4. Panic! At the Disco - "Vegas Lights"

We might be cheating a bit since this clip is not really the video released for the song, but rather it was posted by Panic! At the Disco on their official Youtube channel as visuals to an audio stream. Isn't it right that's, in theory, what a music video is? The visuals are not the greatest since the images seem to have been taken with a phone camera, but the fact it doesn't look like a glossy production realized by a fancy director makes it so much shinier. The pixelated images are only adding to the final aspect.

3. Flo Rida - "How I feel"

It has been released just a few years ago, but the looks of it are still relatable, despite the vintage air that matches the Nina Simone chorus, since the clip was obviously filmed in a more modern era. The video displays images from the insides of a high-class casino where the rapper walks past the entertaining area to reach the bar where he's gonna party. In these images, the slot machines are just as fancy and shiny as the ones you can find online and the table games are looking at their best.

2. Imagine Dragons - "Shots" (Broiler Remix)

The Shots song from Imagine Dragons looks like a super fun video. It has been filmed on the streets of Vegas, but don't expect anything too flashy. It's barely displaying any of the fancy landscape of this city, rather focusing on the facial expressions of the band members as they explore the place. It shows the human face of the artists and for that, we love it.

1. U2 - "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"

We know, we talked so much about songs that were released recently, or at least, after 2000, that this song almost seems like it has no place on this list. But we didn't add it in here because there was no better video or we were in need for a no. 1 and we couldn't find one, but because it is truly the best even now, after almost 30 years. There's an inherent sense of romanticism attached to this clip that comes from the way the singer walks down the streets of Vegas looking for that special someone.

Every song about Vegas is special and unique in its own way, but these ones are particularly incredible due to their magnificent looks that are added to the audio tracks. Nevertheless, the city of gambling is a place that you should visit in order to feel closer to the vision of these artists.