The UK Fashion Awards will go online amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The British Fashion Council (BFC) have confirmed that the annual awards event - which usually takes place in London in December - will move online on December 3 amidst the current health crisis and government guidelines

The awards will "honour the designers, brands, creatives and individuals who have created positive change within the fashion industry this year".

Stephanie Phair, BFC Chair, said: "This has been a year like no other. Fashion has probably been changed forever and businesses and designers have had to adapt to a new reality. It is more important than ever to recognise those in the fashion industry who played an important role in this extraordinary year, proving the compassion and resilience of our industry.

"This is what The Fashion Awards 2020 have set to do, by spotlighting those who have shown leadership and creative resilience over the past year."

Caroline Rush, CEO of BFC, added in a statement: “What the past couple of months have shown us, is that the fashion industry is in need of a reset. This is why this year, under unique circumstances, we felt that it was important to recognise the people and businesses who played a role in some of the most important and challenging issues of our generation and champion those who raised the bar in areas such as diversity, sustainability, and community."

The Fashion Awards 2021 have already been scheduled and will take place on Monday November 29, 2021, and will be held at the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London, with "technology and engagement" to be at the heart of it.

The 2020 Fashion Awards will take place on Thursday, December 3.