Britain's Prince Andrew is an "absolutely fantastic" godfather.

Model Angie Everhart asked her royal pal to take on the spiritual guidance of her 19-month-old son Kayden - her child with former boyfriend Chad Stansbury - and thinks he is doing a wonderful job.

She said: "Prince Andrew is one of the first people I told about the pregnancy. He's a very good friend. He's someone who's always there, very supportive.

"There's no better man, he's absolutely fantastic. The Godfather is like a father figure, so if something happens to me, God Forbid, he will take care of Kayden. It's a big responsibility and shows what a great person he is."

On Kayden's first birthday, Andrew took Angie and the little boy for a tour of Buckingham Palace and the US beauty admits she found the situation overwhelming.

She added: "There Andrew was showing him a photo of his great-great-great-grandmother, [Queen Victoria].

"To see my son taking faltering Steps in those rooms was incredible. Somewhere inside of me, I'm still the girl from Akron, Ohio; to see Kayden with his godfather, Prince Andrew, in Buckingham Palace was super cool."