Kate Nash gets emotional when she plays her new songs.

The 'Foundations' hitmaker admits she is surprised at the range of emotions her new track 'My Best Friend Is You' made her feel when she was writing the song.

She said: "I was in a rehearsal room and it was dark and freezing. I just wrote that riff and it was simple - but it didn't matter, it didn't need a lot of lyrics, it was a bit in your face.

"It's just an expression, it could mean anything - passion, funniness, anger. I can imagine playing it live and hating everyone in the room so much I want to stab their eyes out."

Kate releases her new album 'My Best Friend Is You' next month and says the title was inspired by her grandparents.

She explained: "Ultimately humans are looking for companionship. Everybody has this one person they trust who makes them feel better.

"I've been thinking a lot about my nan and granddad recently, looking at old photos. Now they're old and life isn't so easy, it's emotional - but it's the most amazing thing because it's just love."