Easy Life are already working on their second album.

The 'Skeletons' hitmakers only released their debut LP 'Life's a Beach' last month but fans won't have to wait too long to hear any more new material from the quintet.

Frontman Murray Matravers exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "We're already working on the second record, we started working on that six months ago after we submitted the first one. We're pretty close, actually, with that one. We're always writing in the background."

Murray admitted lockdown proved to be both a blessing and a curse for writing new songs as while he relished having more time to write, he was in danger of overthinking his words too much.

He said: "It was the first time that we've been given an extended period of time to actually make music. Usually, we're be writing music, touring and also not taking it very seriously at all.

"We'd always be doing music on the side, but this is the first time where we could sit down for a year and make music. It was a bit strange.

"I think the luxury of having so much time was a positive but also a negative because I was in danger of overthinking every single step of the process.

"Whereas usually I'd be doing the writing on the side and no one really cares... I wrote a lot of bad music."

On Thursday (24.06.21), the band got to perform a special virtual show at London's O2 Arena in Epic Games' 'Fortnite' and Murray - who is joined in the group by Sam Hewitt, Oliver Cassidy, Lewis Berry and Jordan Birtles - admitted they were attracted to the endless possibilities the gig offered.

He said: "In the game, you can just do anything. We're performing underwater, inside a fish, we get flushed down to the toilet. The possibilities were literally never-ending, we could do anything."

easy life performed at The O2 inside Fortnite Creative – the result of an exclusive partnership between O2, Island Records and Epic Games – on Thursday. For more information visit www.priority.o2.co.uk.