Hip-hop icon Dr. DrE is set to finally unveil his long-awaited third solo album Detox after naming 20 April (13) as a date to watch.

The legendary rapper/producer has been working on the project for over a decade, but he has suffered a string of setbacks and had to scrap a collaboration with Jay Z, titled Under Pressure, from the tracklist after part of the song leaked onto the internet. He then had to rush-release another tune, Kush, in 2010 due to similar issues.

However, it now appears he's gearing up for the big release after featuring in a brief video with producer pal Just Blaze.

In the 17-second clip, shot on a camera phone and posted on RapHd.com, Blaze teases fans with news about a special release next year (13), asking fans, "Guess what else comes out (in 2013)?" before turning the lens on Dre, who says, "4/20 baby, 4/20, I'm comin'!"

The date seems unlikely as it falls on a Saturday, and traditional U.S. releases hit retailers on a Tuesday, but it's the closest rap fans have come to getting an official announcement in recent years.

Detox is the follow-up to Dre's last album, 2001, which was released in 1999.

If Detox does drop on 20 April (13), it will have special meaning for marijuana lovers as the date is connected numerically to socially-accepted 'stoner' time 4.20pm.