The next stage in the rolling saga of the new Star Wars movies reveals that Michael Arndt will write the script for Star Wars VII. broke the news last week (November 8, 2012) and it now looks as though Disney have been quick to snap up the credible skills of Oscar-winning Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine, Hunger Games: Catching Fire) to write the screenplay for the new Star Wars movies.

It was recently revealed that Disney have purchased Lucasfilm, the company previously owned by the original Star Wars visionary George Lucas. This sparked a frenzy of interest amongst Star Wars enthusiasts, excited at the prospect of new movies for the franchise. Lucasfilm had already drafted the skills of Arndt before the $4 billion sale took place, to move the franchise forward. He reportedly produced not one, but three treatments. When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the treatments were bundled into the deal. Disney’s CEO Bob Iger revealed “We’ve got a lengthy treatment that comes with this that we feel really good about and the film is in what I’ll call early-stage development right now.”

It was previously thought that Arndt would be one of a team working on the script for Star Wars VII but according to a brief post on, Arndt is the only name now associated with the script-writing duties.