Dior will stage its resort show next month, with no audience.

The French fashion house has announced that it will go ahead with its show in Lecce, Puglia on July 22, after the original date of May 9 was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company said in a statement: ''With the stimulating exchanges between Paris and Lecce exploring the House codes having started long before the health crisis and imposition of lockdown, it was even more essential for Dior to continue these collaborations in order to support and promote the virtuosity of these artisans and artists, to ensure that the poetry and the beauty of their work is transmitted through this reinvention, and that the Dior dream continues.''

Chairman and CEO of Christian Dior couture, Pietro Beccari said: ''There will always be a place for the live fashion show.

''Nothing carries emotion more than a real fashion show. A live performance is like nothing else, the electricity that we feel in that creative moment, the deadline, the adrenaline.

''That is why we wanted to do a live fashion show and why we believe there will always be a place for a live show.''

Creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri added: ''Fashion week is not just important for the fashion family but also important for the city.''

Along with the fashion label's resort 2021 show on July 22, Beccari also confirmed that Dior's couture presentation will take place during couture week on July 6-8 and it will present a Spring collection in September.