Danny Goffey feared he would lose his family at the height of his heroin addiction.

The former Supergrass drummer and his spouse Pearl Lowe - with who he has kids Alfie Lennon, 18, Frankie, 16, and 10-year-old Betty - saw their drug problems spiral out of control over a two-year period in the mid-2000s and only kept their household together because they had a nanny.

He revealed: ''There were about two years when we were both on heroin.

''We held it together with the help of a really good nanny, but eventually Pearl went to hospital to clean up while I took pills [to recover from addiction] and looked after the kids at home.''

The 41-year-old rocker and his partner eventually managed to get themselves out of their spiralling cycle of drug use and nowadays they take advice from Pearl's 26-year-old daughter, model Daisy Lowe, because she has coped so much better with being in the limelight than they ever did.

He explained: ''As for Daisy, she wouldn't take any advice from me when it comes to dealing with fame. From 16 onwards she's been an old soul. She never goes too mad. She has her own house in Primrose Hill and she's done really well for herself. When she comes down here to stay she ends up giving us advice.''

And as a result of his wild lifestyle as a rockstar along with his down-to-earth life as a father, Danny believes he's ''never quite understood'' who he actually is.

He told The Times newspaper: ''That's why since the age of 21 I've felt like a walking contradiction.

''I could be in Atlanta at four in the morning at a transvestite club, having such a good time that I wanted to become a tranny, and a week later I'd be at a parent-teacher evening. I've never quite understood who I am or where I'm going.''