Dame Barbara Windsor is set to appear in three new 'Carry On' films.

The iconic actress passed away on Thursday (10.12.20), aged 83, but producers of the legendary franchise are planning to use a hologram of the star in upcoming movies.

Brian Baker, the boss of Carry On Films Ltd, told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "We have got two new stories and we are looking to do one of the old ones again to bring it up to modern day quality – probably 'Carry On Sergeant'.

"Barbara will be making an appearance. It will be a tilt of the head to say, ‘Well done’. That’s the best way to do it.

"We are looking at using a hologram from old footage to put her in a situation like a queue for the Royal Albert Hall or serving in a shop.

"People loved her because she was down to earth. She saw the funny side. She didn’t take offence. She had the old fashioned British seaside humour."

Other icons of the franchise, like Sid James and Kenneth Williams, are also set to feature in the films.

Brian said: "We want to honour the legacy of producer Peter Rogers. He is the unsung hero of the 'Carry On' films."

The late actress appeared in a host of 'Carry On' movies between 1964 and 1974, including 'Carry On Spying', 'Carry On Doctor' and 'Carry On Camping'.

And the new films are set to be released on a streaming platform in 2022.

Brian said: “We’re talking to a new ­ensemble of characters. We want new ­idiosyncrasies and personalities. We’re not going to copy what’s gone before."