Daisy Edgar-Jones felt "genuinely scared" when she went out with a crew of tornado chasers.

The 'Normal People' star plays a meteorologist in new action movie 'Twisters' - the sequel to 1996 disaster flick 'Twisters' which starred Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt - and after filming she got in contact with some real life storm chasers she met during the shoot and asked them if they would take her with them - so they took Daisy on a hunt for a storm cell blowing between Kansas to Oklahoma City.

The actress admitted the experience was actually very scary, telling Variety: "I was desperate to see one [a tornado] ...

"I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I’m genuinely scared, but also exhilarated' ... I was like, I can see now why people do it. What a rush - all that planning for one moment of madness."

She also came close to seeing a tornado while she was filming the movie - revealing bad weather hit while she was shooting a scene with co-star Glen Powell and the set got shut down because of a tornado warning.

Daisy added to the publication: "There’s a scene where Glen and I are looking for a tornado in the distance, and a 'mothership'. or mesocyclone cloud, formed behind us.

"We looked like two of the most idiotic storm chasers, because we were like, 'Where is it?' and it was literally just there. We all had to leave, and it produced a tornado."

Director Lee Isaac Chung left to go chase after the storm but the actors had to stay behind. Daisy added: "Isaac actually went out chasing and saw it. We weren’t allowed to for insurance reasons."

Daisy added that another episode of bad weather tore down a set which was due to be destroyed by wind anyway.

She explained: "One day, we were filming this scene where a tornado rips through a farmers market, and they made this amazing set full of these stalls.

"And this crazy windstorm came in and took the entire set out.

"We were hunkered down in the shops nearby, watching the whole set be destroyed, only for us to then film it being destroyed 20 minutes later when they set it back up again."