Country stars Shenandoah have escaped unharmed after their tour bus was involved in a fiery accident with a drunk driver.

The singers were on a bridge en route to Kenedy, Texas early on Saturday (07Jun14), following a Friday night (06Jun14) gig in nearby Stafford, when the car in front of them crashed into the back of a fuel tanker, causing it to explode.

Their bus driver had little time to react and had to drive through the flames, sideswiping one of the vehicles in the process.

Luckily, the band and its crew survived uninjured, although a couple which was also involved in the accident were hospitalised.

The intoxicated driver, who was not hurt, is expected to be charged with counts of driving while intoxicated and reckless driving.

Drummer Mike MCGuire recalls, "There was a big bang, then we were sideswiped and engulfed in a huge fireball as big as a house.

"Witnesses behind us told authorities that the flames totally engulfed our bus at one point and you could not see it..."

And MCGuire is convinced their Christian faith had a lot to do with their survival, adding, "Thanks to everyone for the prayers and well wishes. The Lord was watching over and protecting us."

Shenandoah cancelled their Saturday night gig in Kenedy as a result of the crash. They are expected to resume their tour in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota on Thursday (12Jun14).