When a singer or band becomes famous, they do so because of their music and the talent they have. However, as someone famous, they can then utilise that fame in many different ways. This includes merchandise, image deals and much more.

One area that we have seen some artists move into, and something that could become a lot more popular with musicians over the next few years, is the casino industry. Some bands and artists have slot games named after them, using their character and many other things about them as a theme for the game.

If you log onto any casino website you will notice a selection of online slots that have a music theme running through them. Some of these are general, with instruments or musical notes as the symbols, while others are licensed and specifically about an artist.

For example, we have seen slot games based around Guns 'N' Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, Motorhead and Jimi Hendrix all have slots created about them, where they are the centre of the theme.

Could We See More Music Slots in the Future?

Prior to anything happening in 2020, the likelihood was that we would see more of these slots in the coming years, 2020 has probably made it even more likely. There are big concerns around the future of the music industry, with live gigs seemingly postponed for a while and if that is the case, artists will need to find new and alternative ways to make money.

Selling their rights to be used in a licensed casino game could be one of the ways in which they do that. Some of the biggest casino games in the world attract millions of players to them, this is certainly a lucrative business to be in. Casino games like this are featured on sites like luckydice.in so potential players can check out the service in front of them.

This could lead the way for more up to date and popular artists moving into the slot gaming industry and offering themselves as potentially slot gaming stars in the near future. These games are likely to work both ways, they will give the music stars an additional source of income when signing the deal, but also help the casinos to attract new fans to their service.

It will also be interesting to see how the casinos approach the question of which artists they try and get on board. Advertising restrictions are in place to prevent younger artists from being asked, and we also have things in place to prevent this from appealing to children.

Will casinos target older musicians, in a bid to land more new players who are in the 40+ category and looking for a new hobby to pass their time. The people and bands mentioned above will attract those people, and if that has worked in the past then this could be the safe option for them.

Either way, it seems inevitable that more music based slots will be appearing soon.