Cosima doesn’t “depend” on makeup to feel beautiful.

The ‘South of Heaven’ singer grew up with parents that banned her from wearing makeup until she was an adult and therefore she and her sisters had learn how to find other ways to “enjoy themselves” in terms of beauty.

After being asked about ‘the best beauty tip’ she had ever heard, the 28-year-old musician told British Vogue: "I feel like the best beauty tips actually have nothing to do with physical beauty. When we were children, my parents were really strict – we weren’t allowed to wear make-up until we were 18 because they said we had to learn how to enjoy ourselves as we are, in our natural state. Everything else is an add-on. And while I love makeup and beauty because it makes me feel good, I don’t depend on it.”

The Marques Almeida model is “very new to skincare” but is “really into it” after being inspired by the supermodel Christy Turlington.

Cosima said: “I’m very new to skincare, but I’m really into it. The main thing I have to make sure I do first is take out my contact lenses, otherwise it’s the beginning of the end. I’ll wash my face and apply different serums, depending on my skin at the time. If I’ve done a shoot or something I’m always like 'Can I sleep in this eye make-up?' – that’s when I find it really hard to take it off. I am also into running ice cubes over my face, especially if I see a picture of Christy Turlington – that’s when I have the urge.”

As well as skincare, the ‘To Build A House’ singer is “getting more into wellness” but struggles with meditation and thinks that her star sign is to blame.

She said: “I’ve been getting more into wellness. I’ve been working out more, but also trying to be a bit more intentional about looking after myself. I’m telling myself that I deserve to be healthy and deserve to take a break. I do breath work during singing practice, but I definitely can’t meditate – I’m a bit too restless for it and can’t be in one place for too long – that’s the Sagittarius in me!”

For her hair, Cosima is “obsessed” with products by Charlotte Mensch, such as the Paddle Brush, Hair by Sam McKnight Modern Hairspray and the “only true beauty ritual” she has - putting olive oil in her tresses.

She said: “When it comes to make-up, I’m super consistent with what I like and use, but with hair and skincare, not so much! I love Charlotte Mensah products, including the brush, as well as Sam McKnight’s hairspray, which I always use on shoots – I’m obsessed with it. When we were children, our dad used to put olive oil into our hair and then wash it out in the morning, so sometimes I like to do that. It’s probably the only true beauty ritual I have.”