Colin Trevorrow believes lockdown has actually helped 'Jurassic World: Dominion'.

The 43-year-old director is helming the latest movie in the dinosaur franchise, which had been halted due to the coronavirus crisis, and Colin has explained that the shutdown allowed the crew to complete post-production on some early scenes.

Speaking to Empire magazine, Colin explained: ''For many of us, 'Dominion' was already the biggest creative challenge of our lives, before the lockdown.

''The shooting schedule really worked to our advantage - the first four weeks we put to film were mostly sequences with dinosaurs in them. So that allowed us to get a head start on VFX and workshop some of the newer elements without the pressure of a looming deadline.''

The movie - which stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard - is set to resume production later this month, and Colin feels it will be challenging to form a creative environment while observing health guidelines.

He said: ''I'm confident our guidelines will keep us safe.

''The hard part will be constructing a creative environment within all the precautions. Once the cameras roll, we have to forget our world and live in the world of the movie. That may take some practice.''

Colin added that the cast and crew are ''fired up'' to get back to work on the project.

He said: ''I've been really moved by the way everyone has shown support for each other.

''We're all fired up to get back to work. This is what we do, and we're all eager to get back out there and do it.''