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Accentuating a story with proper SFX will help to tie a project together and give it a seamless flow that’s necessary to have a masterpiece. 

Historically, the use of sounds effects in movie production was only limited to signify an action that’s happening off the screen or as comic relief.  

But with the evolution in cinematography that has occurred over the years, sound has become are a highly sought-after tool for filmmakers. This increase in the demand for cinematic sounds has led to an increase in the availability of royalty free sound effects for movies. But most companies that claim to offer cinematic sound effects only have low-quality ones. So how does a filmmaker find a platform with a library of high-quality cinematic sounds? We’ll answer the question below? 

Finding Cinematic sounds 

The first step to using sound effects is to use a platform you trust. But if you’re new to sound effects, this might be a huge issue for you since every platform claims to be the best, but only a few of them have high-quality sound effects in their sound FX library. One platform that has distinguished itself as a good platform with a high-quality sound library is Artlist. Here are some reasons to choose Artlist: 


1. Variety 

A good majority of the sounds on most sound effects platforms are generic, and to create a blockbuster movie, you need something distinct. Of course, you can opt for a generic sound, but your movie will be nothing more than a basic film that’ll hardly be seen by your target audience. 

Artlist has a catalog of high-quality cinematic sounds that are created with a vast-range of film types in mind. 

So whether you plan to liven up transitions or add realism to a scene, all the Foley you need can find one on Artlist.  


2. Easy to Find 

A major factor to consider when finding the right platform is the speed you use to find a song you can work with. While there are platforms that can offer you a cinematic sound effect for free, albeit they have low quality, they don’t invest in ensuring that their users enjoy a top-notch user experience. You may have to search for hours to find a good sound effect on a free platform, while Artlist allows you to find one in minutes. This time difference matters when a deadline is close-by. 

Artlist organizes its sound catalog based on sounds that have similar themes. This streamlines your search area and increases the options you have at your disposal. 


3. Inspiration 

Artlist exposes you to a variety of top-notch sounds that can inspire you to choose your pre-determined sound effect for a better one. The sounds in the platform are grouped into categories such as airy transformation, destructive impacts, and according to the sounds of specific locations, e.g., Thai market, Norwegian harbor, etc. 


4. Peace of Mind

Artlist subscription allows you to choose from numerous impacts, whooshes, and ambient sound so that you won’t have to worry about getting a license. Sounds listed on Artlist are created by professionals, and the license issued by Artlist covers anything you may want to use the sound for, even if it’s for commercial purposes. Once you’ve downloaded a sound, you can use them for as long as you desire, and for whatever purpose. 


In Conclusion 

The impact of music in movies cannot be downplayed. But, finding a platform with unique and top-quality sound effects to add to movies seems to be a herculean task since all platforms claim to have the best. This article addresses the concern on finding a cinematic sound, and why you should use our preferred platform.