DR. ZHIVAGO star Julie Christie's acting career has been shattered by memory loss that makes remembering lines almost impossible. The 66-year-old admits she has forgotten parts of her life but insists she's not an Alzheimer's sufferer. She adds, "Now I can't remember any bad things, only good things." And her forgetful condition has started playing havoc with her career: "It makes learning my lines very difficult so I am happy to stay away from films and stage work." Actress/director Sarah Polley wrote her new movie AWAY FROM HER - about an Alzheimer's sufferer - with Christie in mind because she knew the British actress would relate to the role. Polley had read an interview in which Christie revealed her own memory loss problems - and thought the actress would be perfect for the lead in her disturbing new film. She says, "I know about Julie's concerns about her memory. I did think of that when approaching her with the script because I know it's something she's concerned about." But Polley insists Christie's memory loss problems didn't upset filming on Away From Her, in which the actress plays a woman struggling with Alzheimer's. The director states, "She didn't forget a single line."