Unlucky-in-lover singer Cheryl has come out to reveal she's never dating again and that her young son, Bear, is the 'man of her dreams'.

CherylCheryl's main man is her baby boy, Bear

The 35-year-old single mum has recently split with former X Factor alumni, Liam Payne, who is the father of her one-year-old son.

Prior to splitting with Liam, 25, the Fight for this Love hitmaker had been married to footballer Ashley Cole, restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini and had been linked with dancers Tre Holloway and Derek Hough.

Now, as she begins her musical comeback after four years, Cheryl has revealed she's done with dating and claims she is not romantically evolved.

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Her newest song, Love Made Me Do It, touches on past relationships, although the singer explains the references are not in relation to one particular ex.

Talking to singer Jessie Ware, for her podcast Table Manners, Cheryl said: "I know what I want in life, but in the romantic area, I am not as evolved. That area has stopped. It's not happening anymore. It's the end. It's the end."

The lyrics of her new single, which is out on November 9, include the words: "I fall in love with every f***er," and "I am a dreamer. I believe things that are not really happening. I'm very romantic."

She also revealed some more of the as yet unheard song, are: "I'm falling in love several times. I'm on number seven of my nine lives. The ink on my skin marks the places I've been..."

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Cheryl also spoke about motherhood and said she's finding it hard to juggle everything, but said Bear will always come before her career.

She said she wants her only child to decide if he is in the public eye when he's older, noting that he has curly hair just like her sister.

Cheryl said: "I have to work on the juggling. It's a lot of adjusting. I refused to get help with him until he was 16 months old. It didn't feel natural for me.

"I've had a luxury, to have the time, to have a year out with my son. I would like my mam to live with me but she doesn't like London.

"If there's anything I need outside the hours of 9-6, I call my mam who comes down from Newcastle and say I need her for two nights. Or Liam's parents are good."