Veteran British singers CHAS & DAVE are cementing their reunion - by lending their hits to a stage show inspired by their music.
The duo announced earlier this month (Jul10) they're teaming up once more for a farewell tour - but fans are in for an extra treat with new London production Stop Dreamin', which incorporates their songs.
Writer Ray Cooney created a script based on his parents' lives and incorporated the band's music and lyrics into the plot.
He tells Britain's Daily Star Sunday, "My son insisted I went to see them (in concert) and I was bowled over. They are fantastic. I listened to all 26 of their CDs. They wrote good old knees-up (party) songs but also some very ­moving numbers.
“I decided to write my mother’s story and include Chas & Dave songs. It’s the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done."
Chas & Dave called it quits last year (09) following the death of bass player Dave Peacock's wife but have announced a reunion trek, due to start in March (11).
Stop Dreamin' is expected to begin in the British capital's West End later this year (10).