Charlotte Beecham loves seeing her designs "in the wild."

The 31-year-old fashion designer - who is the founder and creative director of Charlotte Simone which specialises in women's faux fur coats and accessories - admitted that while she "designs for [herself]", one of the best things about being a designer is getting to see her work worn by others.

She said: "I design for myself a lot of the time. I fall in love with a shade, a silhouette or a fabric and bring it to life. The second best thing is seeing it in the wild, once the gruelling process of design and development is finally done, and I see someone spent their hard-earned money on it…. Well, that’s the best, feeling ever."

When asked whether she misses being able to wear her famous coats in the summer, she quipped that that is "not something [she] needs to worry about", owing to the fact that she lives in England.

She told HungerTV: "Living in London that’s not really something I have to worry about…. I get to wear them almost nine months of the year really!"

The businesswoman - whose coats and accessories can be found in hundreds of UK stockists - then went on to reveal that she finds going to sleep "incredibly frustrating" because her brain is "always abuzz", but sticks to a skincare routine to wind down.

She said: "My brain is always abuzz, I often find bedtime incredibly frustrating as my body is exhausted but my mind is still wired. I’m slowly but surely getting better at ‘switching off’ but as a business owner, it’s very difficult to leave the office at the office at the end of the day. I like to have a bath if I have the time, then I’ll plod through my skincare routine, pop on some cosy PJs and get into bed with my sausage dog, Harold.

"I love Estee Lauder’s ‘Advanced Night Repair Serum’, Sisley ‘Hydra-Global’ moisturiser and Bobbi Brown’s lip balm. These are my skincare staples I would say."