Chad Stahelski's 'Highlander' reboot will begin filming next year.

The 'John Wick' filmmaker is helming a new take on the 1986 fantasy epic that will feature Henry Cavill in the lead role and has confirmed that shooting will start in Scotland in January 2025.

Speaking to Collider at the Mediterranean Film Festival in Malta recently, Chad said: "We start shooting in January in Scotland, that's why I go right after I leave. I go to Scotland to do the final location scout."

Chad is enthusiastic about the reboot and is looking forward to the movie's blend of period history and sci-fi.

He said: "It's another opportunity to do a property that I love. I love what it's about, I love working with immortality and love stories through time. I think it's a good way to take a great period piece, and sci-fi, and mix them together."

Stahelski admits that it will be a challenge to tackle sword combat in the picture as he gave an insight into some of the work that goes into preparing the cast for such scenes.

The 55-year-old stuntman and filmmaker said: "There's some very interesting sword styles out there, but most of the time, we don't have a lot of time, or we don't have access to some people, or the cast members... sometimes you only have three or four days, or three or four weeks to train the cast member.

"Actors are no different than you. If you have become an NBA basketball player, could you do it in three weeks? Could you do it in three months? Could you do it in three years? Yet the burden is on us to make it look like they're the best in the world that has ever lived.

"I don't think you understand what kind of time that takes. We can use a few movie tricks, stunt doubles, editorial. But at the end of the day, you still have to believe it."