Carrie Bradshaw and James Bond have been named Britain's top fictional fashion icons.

The 'Sex and the City' protagonist, played by stylish actress Sarah Jessica Parker, and the suave secret agent, most recently portrayed by Daniel Craig, topped a poll - conducted by - of fashionable TV and film characters, beating the likes of Eva Longoria's Gabrielle Solis in 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Gossip Girl' lothario Chuck Bass.

Mark Pearson, chairman of, said: ''Whilst we are all aware of the influence that the media can have on us all, we were interested in discovering whether or not the British public based a lot of their fashion choices on their favourite fictional characters. Women chose the very stylish Carrie Bradshaw character as a fashion icon and, rather unsurprisingly, men went with the James Bond film character as their top choice.''

Other film and TV favourites who made the list included 'Downton Abbey' characters Lady Sybil Crawley and Matthew Crawley, curvaceous 'Mad Men' beauty Joan Holloway and Kurt Hummel from 'Glee'.

Additionally, 52% of respondents admitted they had purchased clothes similar to their favourite characters.

The top 10 fictional fashion icons - female

1. Carrie Bradshaw, 'Sex and the City'

2. Jess Day, 'New Girl'

3. Mitzee, 'Hollyoaks'

4. Effy Stonem, 'Skins'

5. Belle de Jour - 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl'

6. Theresa McQueen - 'Hollyoaks'

7. Gabrielle Solis, 'Desperate Housewives'

8. Joan Holloway, 'Mad Men'

9. Ayesha Rana, 'EastEnders'

10. Lady Sybil Crawley, 'Downton Abbey'

The top 10 fictional fashion icons - male

1. James Bond, 'Skyfall'

2. Dodger Savage, 'Hollyoaks'

3. Barney Stinson, 'How I Met Your Mother'

4. Kurt Hummel, 'Glee'

5. Anthony Moon, 'EastEnders'

6. Stringer Bell, 'The Wire'

7. Chuck Bass, 'Gossip Girl'

8. Ari Gold, 'Entourage'

9. Don Draper, 'Mad Men'

10. Matthew Crawley, 'Downton Abbey'