Carl Craig wants to "change the world" with his music.

The 53-year-old producer - who founded record label Planet E Communications back in 1991 and has remixed for the likes of artists such as Maurizio, Theo Parrish, Tori Amos, and Depeche Mode - is belatedly celebrating the 30th anniversary of his company with a compilation album and compared the idea of new music to a "chemist" trying to find the right formula.

He said: "I’m just trying to get my bones back. It takes a bit of time. I look at it like I was a chemist, trying to find some new formula that’s going to change the world. Maybe I need to have a template, but I don’t. I’m always trying to recreate the wheel every time I come into the studio."

The music mogul - who is celebrating the anniversary with two performances being staged at Detroit Electronic Music Festival in his hometown on Saturday (28.05.22) - and joked that he cannot believe how much time has passed since he set the company up. It’s, like, this romantic idea that I can’t believe it’s was 30 years ago, ’cause it doesn’t feel 30 years. Maybe… 10? But not 30."

He said: "Y’know, 30 years is one of those things where you start looking back at like, ‘I dated her 30 years ago?!

Carl was also part of the directorial team for the inaugural DEMF and - following a dispute in 2001 - returned to the panel back in 2010, where he has served ever since, and said it was "amazing" that the festival is still happening to this day.

He told Billboard: "When DEMF happened in 2000 I could only dream there would still be a festival still happening 22 years later, so that’s amazing. I’m glad I was involved in the start and I’m glad it’s still going, and it’s coming back stronger this year — hopefully for another 20 years."

'Planet E 30' is out now.