Lawyers representing incarcerated rapper C-Murder were in court on Wednesday (05Oct11) to appeal for a new trial over his life sentence for killing a teenager in 2002.
The hip-hop star, real name Corey Miller, is currently behind bars after he was convicted of second-degree murder stemming from the death of a 16 year old in a Louisiana, New Orleans nightclub.
Miller was handed a life sentence in 2003, but the ruling was overturned three years later - a second trial began in 2009 and the star was once again ordered to spend the rest of his life behind bars.
The rapper, who is the younger brother of rap mogul Master P, has maintained his innocence since he was first charged with the offence and is now fighting his sentence yet again, reports
On Wednesday, Miller's lawyers appeared before an appeals court to argue he was convicted unjustly, because there was no Dna or fingerprints evidence.
Miller's attorneys told the judge during the appeal, "Not one piece of physical evidence directly linking Corey Miller to the shooting. The irreconcilable tales of two flip-flopping, deal-driven and reluctant (to testify) witnesses is the only evidence propping up the state’s case."
They will now have to wait to see if the appeal for a new trial has been successful.