Fresh off the back of previous success 'Sweaters', Blanks has popped back onto our YouTube feeds during quarantine to release a song inspired by the time he has been spending alone - and the feedback was so good that he's decided to release it on Spotify.

Blanks / Photo Credit: Jantina TalsmaBlanks / Photo Credit: Jantina Talsma

'Dance Alone' is a tale of the times. Yes - these times. These weird times in which we are currently living. This is a song written in quarantine, about being in quarantine, for the rest of us who are. also in quarantine. 

The song is about readjusting to this new way of life, and shows Blanks succeeding at putting these complex emotions of confusion, frustration, loneliness - and determination to make the most of it - into song form in the astute and loveable way that only Blanks can. The lyrics are painfully relatable - "been staring at the wall today / to find some hidden meaning. I've been lost, lost in the rhythm lately / I don't know, know how to dance alone," and this song marks a more bittersweet approach than some of Blanks' previous tracks, but one which is completely perfect for these times.

'Sweaters' was a song written about leaving parties early and going back home to watch Netflix and now this? It seems Blanks has found his niche in the music industry being the artist who can translate the little nuances of modern life and all the stressful, complex emotions that come with it, into danceable jams which simultaneously cheer you up enough to start dancing the blues away, whilst also reassuring you that you're not alone.

Watch the video for 'Dance Alone' below and make sure you follow @musicbyblanks on all his socials to stay up-to-date with the latest release info and live show rescheduled dates!