A BEATLES fan is auctioning unseen photographs of the band she snapped while visiting the FAB FOUR at their homes every weekend for two years.
Sue Baker was just 15 when she tracked down Sir Paul MCCartney's London property based on a vague description of the house she read in an interview. The singer later gave her the addresses of his bandmates, telling her: "Go and bang on their doors as well."
The star-struck teen saved up money from delivering newspapers to travel to the British capital every week, knocking on the doors of MCCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Starr.
Baker was always given a warm welcome from the fan-friendly band - her little brother Philip even played with Lennon's young son, Julian, while she chatted to the rock star.
She recalls, "We went every weekend and Paul would come out and sign things for us. Then he asked if we visited the others and I said we didn't know where they lived. So he gave us their addresses and we started to visit them.
"They would always answer the doors and speak with us. I remember John saying that if it weren't for people like me, he wouldn't live in such a nice house."
The collection contains photos of Baker with each of the Beatles, as well as MCCartney's directions to his bandmates' homes scrawled on the back of an envelope.
It's expected to fetch as much as $4,500 (£3,000) when it goes under the hammer at Cameo Auctioneers in Reading, England next month (Aug10).
Now a 59-year-old grandmother, Baker says, "I just hope someone gets enjoyment out of them. They bring back great memories for me."