The blaze broke out at the Colectiv venue in Bucharest on Friday (30Oct15), after stage pyrotechnics ignited columns that were covered in foam insulation, according to reports.

Around 300 fans who attended the free concert ran to the exits after the columns and ceiling were engulfed in flames within seconds. However, reports suggest only one exit was open, leading to many being crushed trying to escape.

More than 180 revellers were injured and at least 27 were killed, officials have confirmed. Among the victims are Goodbye to Gravity guitarists Vlad Telea and Mihai Alexandru.

Editors at report the lead singer of the band, Andrei Galut, was taken to hospital suffering from 45 per cent burns and smoke inhalation.

The band's bassist Alex Pascu reportedly underwent emergency surgery for undisclosed injuries, editors at heavy metal news site report.

Three days of mourning are being planned for the victims, including a candlelit vigil that was held outside the venue on Saturday (31Oct15).

Romania's Prime Minister Victor Ponta said of the fatal incident, "At this point we have to show respect for the dead, to understand how it happened and what we can do in the future to avoid such tragic events."