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One of the most significant factors behind the booming music industry in recent years is the advent of live-streamed concerts. More bands and solo artists than ever before are hosting such events, and it’s making them lots of money.

For many people, travelling to watch their favourite artists is not always convenient or affordable, but now, thanks to live-streaming technology, music concerts are more accessible than ever. Take a closer look right here at why bands today have started hosting live-streamed concerts more often.

What are live-streamed concerts?

Livestream concerts have changed the way we enjoy our favourite music. Instead of struggling to get tickets or travelling long distances for hours to watch your favourite band or solo artist play their latest and most iconic hits, you can now sit back, relax, and watch a live-streamed concert from the comfort of your home.

Music concerts can now be streamed live directly to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with Wi-Fi/internet connectivity.

Livestream concerts mean that more people than ever before can attend the same event without the overcrowding and without all the added hassle of actually getting to the venue.

Many of today’s biggest artists have held live-stream concerts and, due to their success, will continue to live-stream their events in the future to bigger audiences worldwide.

To ‘attend’ one of these events, you must book your tickets for the live-stream concert you wish to watch online and then remember to tune in when the concert starts. Make sure that you only ever purchase tickets from a trusted vendor.

Today’s cutting-edge computing devices enable you to watch these events in perfect clarity. 5G wireless technology (which has near-zero latency) means you can enjoy watching the events uninterrupted without buffering, stickiness, or fear of getting disconnected.

What other events are good for live streaming?

Other popular events that are also good for live streaming in 2023 are Q&A sessions with celebrities, sports stars, music artists and other famous people.

Fully licensed Unibet live casino games with actual dealers who present the action to you in real-time are also great for live streaming, plus various major eSports tournaments, such as Dota 2: The International.

Upcoming live stream concerts not to miss in February 2023

If you would like to see what all the fuss is about, don’t forget to check out one or more of the following live-stream concerts that are still to come in February 2023:

·       Thursday, February 2nd: The Rolling Stones

·       Friday, February 3rd: Ammonite

·       Wednesday, February 8th: Shauna Sweeney

·       Saturday, February 11th: The Last Rocketstars – Live from Hollywood

·       Sunday, February 19th: Andy Wasserman

·       Wednesday, February 22nd: Pocket Vinyl

·       Friday, February 24th: Sebastian Block

Live streamed concerts in video games and the Metaverse

Several of today’s biggest artists have also recently held virtual music concerts in video games and the Metaverse. For example, Travis Scott performed alongside Andrew Cuomo, Tiger King, and The Last Dance in the hit game Fortnite.

The Foo Fighters held a virtual reality concert on Horizon Venues (a platform run by Meta). David Guetta hosted an unforgettable music experience in Roblox, and Soccer Mommy also hosted an event in the same popular game.

Justin Bieber held his first ever live music event in the Metaverse on a show called Wave, and the iconic South by Southwest (SXSW) music event, which they called Block By Blockwest, was held in Minecraft. It had musical performances from several artists.

Lil Nas also held a concert in Roblox, and Ariana Grande held a concert in Fortnite. Many other artists have been hosting music concerts in video games and streaming their events to live audiences, and they have been a massive help to the music industry.

Final note

As technology continues to evolve and internet speeds get more reliable and capable of transmitting more data, we will no doubt start to see more live-streamed concerts from artists who were perhaps once reluctant to host such events. It has opened up an entirely new revenue stream for artists, who can now broadcast their songs to more people than ever.