'Love Island' star Arabella Chi claims she rejected Niall Horan's advances because he's too short.

The 28-year-old beauty says Niall slid into her DMs after her split from ex-'Islander' Wes Nelson last month - but Arabella thinks the pop star is simply too short for her.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she shared: ''Niall slid into my DMs when I started dating Wes, and immediately after we split. I texted a friend and said, 'That didn't take him long.'

''Normally I love an Irish accent but Niall just isn't my type - and I am 5ft 10. He came across as a complete gentleman. But when it comes to love he's not for me.

''I wouldn't think, 'Oh well I am going to message him because he's Niall from One Direction.'''

Arabella revealed she's received plenty of flirtatious messages from celebrities since starring on 'Love Island'.

But due to the current lockdown restrictions in the UK, she ''can't enjoy it''.

She said: ''I have loads of famous men sliding into my DMs.

''I didn't realise how my DMs would blow off once I was on 'Love Island'.

''Now I'm in lockdown, my DMs are exploding again ... but I can't enjoy it.''

Meanwhile, Niall revealed earlier this year that he felt insulated from pressure during his One Direction days.

The singer - who released his second solo album, 'Heartbreak Weather', in March - explained that he was able to share the burden of fame with his bandmates.

Niall said: ''We all came from simple backgrounds, we had that in common and it helped along the way.

''When it was all going on around us, we were just in our little bubble chatting about how crazy it is and how we couldn't believe where we were all the time.

''We never really saw ourselves as these big celebrities. We were just in this little fishbowl having a great time and all the madness was going on around us.''