April Love Geary has hit back at fat-shamers.

The 25-year-old model, who has daughters Mia Love, two, and Lola Alain, 19 months, with fiance Robin Thicke, 43, took to Instagram Stories to lash out at those who have blasted her for gaining weight after having children.

She said: ''Just letting you know that I'm not really bothered by all your guys' comments when you say I was 'so much more attractive' when I was skinnier.

''Because before having babies, I didn't have this fat a** and I am forever grateful for this baby weight.

Meanwhile, last year, April posted a picture of her stomach on Instagram as she spoke out about being pro-choice and women's rights for autonomy over their own bodies.

She wrote: ''@maya.danielle inspired me to post this since I've been getting a bunch of DMs saying things like 'how could you support abortion when you're a mother yourself' so this is MY body, MY body after having an abortion in 2014, a miscarriage in 2017, delivering a baby in 2018 & 2019. I'm glad I was able to make decisions about MY body without facing any type of punishment.

''It's scary to think that women won't be able to choose to abort if that's what they want/what's necessary. 'You can be anti abortion for yourself and pro choice for anyone who isn't you because you realize you shouldn't get to make the rules for someone else's body and you're not going to a single thing for the child they can't/don't want to carry. This is possible & necessary' @imaniorwhatever (sic)''