Cult heavy rocker ANDREW W.K. has posted the weird tune that prompted a past object of his affection to file a restraining order against him online.
The I Love New York City hitmaker wrote and recorded My Destiny when he was 17. The haunting song "freaked out" his teenage crush when she heard it.
In an article about the tune in Britain's The Guardian, Andrew W.K. wrote, "It's time to let you hear the song which earned me a juvenile restraining order. I've never let anyone hear this song before. I'm deeply humiliated and embarrassed at the thought of anyone hearing it.
"This is probably the most intense and personal song I've ever recorded.
"The girl heard the song and was completely freaked out. She told her friends, teachers and parents: 'This guy at school is stalking me and threatening my life.' She played them the song and they called the police. I had a juvenile restraining order put on me, which lasted until I was 21."
"Three months ago, I was advised by my personal manager and life coach to finally let people hear it, to resolve the nightmare. So, I am. Now is the first time since the incident that I've let anyone hear the song. And I can hear why."
The disturbing track features the lyrics, "Drove past your doorway 15 times/I don't want to cause you harm/Harm - that's what you're in for/If you don't open your door."