What is music? 

"Music is life", this is the answer we get from most of the people to whom this question is asked.  Yes, music can change our life leaving an impact on our thoughts, work, communication, sleep, mood and behaviour. For many music is like a ceaseless companion, which they listen to right from the time they wake up in the morning, when they are with their friends, while their transit, at work, and so on, the list is very long. Music can bring us happiness, joy and motivation, it can be our companion through our difficult times, and it helps to attenuate our worries.

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Music is not just entertainment but much more than that. There is not a single culture in human history without music, rather according to some evolutionary psychologists music predated language. Currently, ingenious scientific research shows that music leaves a remarkable effect on the brain, individual and society.

Music has the power of healing and soothing a broken-hearted, motivating runners and get-go the dance parties. Listening to music also benefits our health and overall well-being, by

Improving memory

Improving workouts

Reducing stress and anxiety

Increase in the rate of healing

Improving sleep quality

With health benefits, music has many different uses for various other purposes in many industries also. Let's know how.

# Role of Music in Food and Beverage Industry:

It would not be wrong to consider music as food and beverage industry's best friend. According to the new researchers music has a great positive impact on dining and shopping, according to their research hearing music in restaurants, people enjoy their food and drinks more and it makes them stay there longer.

With background music, live music also attracts more customers to their restaurants and gives them an edge over their competition.

The association of music and food industry is very old and this is very well stated by SOCAN's Director of Licensing, Leslie Craig "Music is food of fun, so play on!"

The food and beverage industry understands the power of attraction and retention that music can bring.

# Role of Music in the Workplace:

Nowadays it's very rare to see someone with a pair of headphones or earbuds at their working desks, this shows that music has officially entered the workforce. It has become like a status quo at some offices, seeing their co-workers pummelling their keyboards with their headphones on.

Many people working at offices have to perform repetitive tasks on a regular basis, which at most of the times becomes monotonous and boring. Music can pep up your mood, boost your tempo and make you feel happier which makes the repetitive tasks easier, increasing productivity and efficiency.

# Role of Music in Casinos:

Have you ever visited a silent casino? Your answer would be "No", because music plays an important role in the gambling industry, in both the traditional land based casino as well as online casino. The only difference being, you can mute the music while playing online if you don't like it. In earlier days casino bosses wanted to attract more and more people to visit their casinos and resorts, though gambling was the main attraction, but just this was not enough to attract the whole family. So it was then, when the casino bosses came up with an idea of converting their casinos and resorts to an entertainment centre, which serves everyone's needs, with music at its heart. It was this line of thought which led Vegas to being what it is today.

It's not just Vegas, to which music has helped to get where it is today. Almost all the casinos big or small arrange live shows and design different events to attract and bring more people to the casino, even those who don't like gambling.

The purpose of background music played in casinos is not just limited to entertainment. The music played in casinos impacts the gambler's mood and behaviour and helps them to unwind, feel cosy and get into the mood of gambling.

According to several researches and studies on the impact of background music on gamblers especially while playing casino slots, the results were very exciting. It was found that the gamblers placed a significantly larger number of bets and also they were incessant while placing their bets while listening to soft and low-tempo music. On the other hand, it was observed that the behaviour of gamblers got intense while listening to loud and high-tempo music.


Though music affects our mood, behaviour, well-being, work productivity and plays a vital role in the growth of different industries, but it's first and foremost function is entertainment, so play on your favourite musical tracks, enjoy and enter into the whole new world.