Here at Contactmusic, we love a good new artist and Czech pop songstress Aiko is just what we needed to hear this week. She has an hypnotic new single entitled 'Down' taken from her forthcoming debut album, which follows last year's self-titled EP. One of the lingering themes in her last EP was of solitude, which Aiko believes is vitally important for our own peace of mind.

Aiko / Photo Credit: Piers Murray HillAiko / Photo Credit: Piers Murray Hill

"Learn to be alone", she said in an interview with DiscovrTV. "Learn to find peace in your own company. People are important and a huge part of our lives, but it's you you have to be friend with first. I'm a very extroverted people person but I don't think it's good to spend time with people just for the sake of being around someone."

That's what 'Down' is really all about; being content with your own persona when no-one else is around. Because in the words of RuPaul "If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?"

"It's about being in consent with yourself, learning to find peace in your own company and really that when you're friends with yourself, then comes success and stability in everything else", she added. Well, that kind of attitude has certainly got her this far, so maybe there's something in that.

Indeed, she's her own manager when it comes to her music, and mostly enjoys what one would consider solo hobbies like pole-dancing, yoga and photography. On the other hand, that isn't to say Aiko's music isn't the kind of music you can share with other people. On the contrary, she says it's great for when you're "hanging out with friends and you want to show off that you know some cool music". We just love her honesty.

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