Review of Fantastic Playroom Album by New Young Pony Club

New Young Pony Club
Fantastic Playroom
Album Review

New Young Pony Club Fantastic Playroom Album

The sound of flickering, incandescent neon lights captured in song, London electro bad-asses, New Young Pony Club, finally release their highly anticipated debut "Fantastic Playroom"; an incredible clash of electricity, creativity and genius.

Starting with "Get Lucky", a hard-hitting, makeshift blend of polluted lyrics, psychedelic synthesisers and irrepressible dance. Swiftly succeeded by cowbell and handclap anthem "Hiding On The Staircase".

Then to "Ice Cream"; just what the doctor ordered, brain freeze for all. Quickly cured by the explosive, dynamic and racing pacemaker "The Bomb". Sampling the resilient pop-soundclash of Gwen Stefani.

"Jerk Me" is a forceful bulk burst of hi-hat, classic synthesiser and funky bass. Kind of like Blondie amalgamated with Talking Heads, "The Get Go" is a florid rave rupture of colours, neon lights, hard lyrics and stunning bass, and "Talking, Talking" is a supple leisurely track.

The album comes to a close with an explosion of electro; "Grey" a gloomy but brilliant song, establishing that it's not their favourite colour, "Fan" a glorious slow piece of electro-class and "Tight Fit" a solid well-rounded tune.


Daniel Black

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