New Order's Bernard Sumner says ex-bassist Peter Hook has ''left a bad taste'' in his mouth due to the way he left the band.

The 'Bizarre Love Triangle' hitmakers are set to release their first new studio album in 10 years when 'Music Complete' on Friday (25.09.15) and their first without Hook, who left the band acrimoniously in 2007.

Sumner think's it must be ''boring'' for their fans constantly hearing Hook's hateful comments towards the band, but he feels bad for him that he can't move on.

The frontman explained: ''It's a real shame. My heart bleeds for him. He left the band, and then he complained about leaving the band. But I wish him good luck and that he gets on with what he's chosen to do instead of calling me all sorts of names. He's so angry. If you choose to take a path in life, don't blame other people for the path you've chosen to take ... It must be getting a bit boring for people. He did leave a bad taste in my mouth.''

Despite their fallout, Sumner still respects Hook and the great albums they made together in New Order and before in Joy Division - the band that became New Order following the death of frontman Ian Curtis.

The singer - who is still joined in the band by drummer STEPHEN MORRIS - told Rolling Stone magazine: ''I think we made some great records with Peter. I would never diss what he's done as a musician. But we couldn't get on together, so he's gone off to do his thing and it's his choice.''

Morris agrees with Sumner and admits he hates it when band members criticise each other in public.

He added: ''I really don't like it when members of bands sl*g each other off in the press. If you've got a problem, you should sort it out without going public. It's not very pretty, is it?''