Review of Music Complete Album by New Order

New Order have returned with their new album 'Music Complete', their first without Peter Hook, but that's not what it is all about. Surely, it can only be a good thing that these guys are back again?

New Order Music Complete Album

Naturally, bands reinvent themselves and New Order is no different, although you know that these guys are never going to fully escape from the 80s. Fellow pop band Duran Duran may have also made a successful return, but you just sense that New Order can do this on a bigger and better scale.

If the first track and single 'Restless' is anything to go by on what this album is all about then, we are in for a treat. You might think they have wasted the best song by putting on the top of the track list, but then you hear the follow up 'Singularity'; just pure genius of loud, fast, raw and pure all rolled into one. A cracking tune to carry on proceedings.

There are some great guest artists who also feature on the album; Brandon Flowers on 'Superheated' makes for a perfect partnership entwining the best music from the eighties with present day pop. Also on the album is Iggy Pop featuring on 'Stray Dog'; a bit of a curveball, seeing as if ever anyone was to put two artists together Iggy Pop and New Order would be right at the bottom of the list.

The album is filled with tracks that show this band have their finger on the pulse when it comes to dishing out the tunes. A brilliant statement and comeback from the Manchester group. New Order have used the years of experience to their advantage picking the best parts out of the last three decades and putting them together making 'Music Complete' which couldn't have been a more fitting title.


Mark Moore

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