New Found Glory have said their new album sounds ''fresh''.

The 'My Friends Over You' rockers are gearing up to release their ninth studio album 'Makes Me Sick' on April 28, and have said the record isn't a ''copycat'' of what they've done before, as they've learned to ''take risks'' with their music and have ''kept growing'' since their last venture, 2014's 'Resurrection'.

Vocalist Jordan Pundik said: ''We always try to make the next record better than the last ... and not worry so much that it has to sound like one guitar, one bass, etc. For every record I feel like there's always a freshness to it, I feel like a new band every time we put out a new record.''

Whilst lead guitarist and backing vocalist Chad Gilbert added: ''The goal is never be a copycat of ourselves. It's more along the lines of taking risks in our music. You think of your first album, when we had no clue what we were doing, we had no clue if people were going to like it or not, we did it because we love it. And that went into 'Makes Me Sick', what we put into every record is never settling for what people expect of us. To keep growing and doing it in a new way, that's the goal.''

The 'Hit or Miss' musicians - completed by bassist Ian Grushka and drummer Cyrus Bolooki - embarked on their special 20th anniversary tour on Wednesday (22.03.17), and 36-year-old Chad said he had to learn ''75 different songs'' in preparation for the tour which sees them play two of their first six albums back-to-back each night, with the LPs changing from show to show.

He told Billboard magazine: ''I went and bought a couple of new pedals and I'm in my living room, playing 75 different songs and practicing guitar leads we haven't played in years. We aren't phoning this in, like, 'Cool, we just get to play old songs.' It's more like, 'How do we do this and blow people's minds?'''