Movie star Neve Campbell was hurt and upset by the "shockingly mean" comments levelled at her when she stepped out in a black bikini on vacation last summer (10) - because a foot injury left her unable to work out.
The Scream star thought she looked great but was left aghast when the media took aim at her for daring to put on weight - and then strip off in Hawaii.
Campbell says, "I had just gotten off the plane, I was bloated and Pms-ing (pre-menstrual tension), and I hadn't exercised in months because my foot was injured.
"There were comments like, 'She's no longer a Wild Thing'. It was horrible.
"The annoying thing to me is that I'm in great shape, and I'm strong, and I take care of myself. I might have been five pounds heavier in that photo than what people expect, but I'm a human being. I'm on holiday, leave me alone."
And she admits she was astounded when the candid shots taken of her on an empty beach made such a splash in the tabloids and online.
She tells Health magazine, "I was like, 'What's going on in Afghanistan, and why are we not talking about those things? Are we really going to waste time talking about my black bikini?'"