Neve Campbell has been ''blown away'' by her own success.

The 46-year-old actress - who starred as Sidney Prescott in the 'Scream' franchise - has admitted to surpassing her own expectations in the movie business.

She said: ''I think the younger me would be blown away that I've gotten to work for this long. Especially as a woman in this business, it's challenging.

''I'm so grateful that I've had the career that I've had and that I've had the opportunity to play so many different kinds of roles in so many different genres. That I continue to get to challenge myself is great fun. I can only be grateful.

''There's nothing to whine about, that's for sure.''

Neve has moved into ''different aspects of the business'' over recent years, and the actress is keen to keep challenging herself moving forwards.

She told Collider: ''I'm looking into writing more. I've enjoyed producing, in the past, and want to do more of that, as well.

''I really enjoy the process of creating a project, and working with writers and producers, and having a seed of an idea and going from there.

''It's a beautiful opportunity. So, I wanna do more of that. I wanna keep doing acting, as well. I'm really enjoying expanding my horizons.''

Asked about the prospect of directing one day, Neve - who has Caspian, seven, and an adopted son called Raynor - replied: ''I'd love to direct, at some point.

''People often ask me, if I'm going to. Right now, as a mom of young kids, it takes up so much time, directing. It takes much more time than it does, as an actor. There's many more hours, with pre-production and post-production.

''I would like to, at some point, but right now, I'm really enjoying putting my kids to bed. While they're this age, I think that's really important.''