Four words: Neve Campbell, 'Grey's Anatomy'. That's right; the 'Scream' actress is set to become the latest cast addition to ABC's medical drama.

Before you get excited, however, the stunning 39-year-old star is only confirmed to appear in two episodes of the long running series to play one of Patrick Dempsey's heartthrob character Dr. Derek Shepherd's four sisters. Two of his sisters, Amelia and Nancy, have previously made appearances in the series played by Caterina Scorsone and Embeth Davitz respectively. The other two siblings have yet remained elusive though we do know that one of them is a psychiatrist called Kathleen; Neve Campbell's exact role is, however, vague.

Campbell is best known for her roles on 1996 horror movie 'Scream' as Sidney Prescott and its subsequent three sequels as well as the 1994 to 2000 TV series 'Party Of Five' in which she played Julia Salinger. Talking of 'Scream' though, Campbell and Dempsey's first onscreen work together was for 'Scream 3' in which they shared a romantic connection, with Dempsey starring as the law abiding Detective Mark Kincaid with an unrelenting crush on Sidney.

The episodes of 'Grey's Anatomy' in which Campbell is set to appear in will air in December 2012.