Neve Campbell has blasted Hollywood for making so many sequels.

The 'actress - who recently reprised her 'Scream' role of Sidney Prescott for the fourth time - feels "sad" about the lack of originality in the film industry, which she accuses of ignoring "great" stories.

She said: "Then we're going back to versions of movies that were only out a short while ago. There are sequels and all theses prequels to all the sequels. It's a terrible situation, it truly is. It makes me sad because there are so many great stories out there waiting to be told."

Neve also claimed Hollywood is even impacting on the world of books, as commissioning Editors are only interested in the potential movie rights than can be generated by a novel.

She said: "Every single comic, every single book is made into a film. Do you know an author pitching a book nowadays is asked to consider whether there's a possibility of making a film from it? So films are even limiting the kinds of books we'll be able to read."

While Neve is unhappy about sequels, she defended creator Kevin Williamson's decision to make 'Scream 4'.

She said: "What's 'Scream 4' in the grand scheme of things? We made the last one, like, 12 years ago, c'mon!

"I felt we'd done such a good trilogy we shouldn't push our luck. Then Kevin pitched me his idea and I thought, 'This could actually be really great.' I knew it would be fun to see everyone again."