Sexy actress Neve Campbell enjoys kissing girls so much, she's agreed to do her sixth lesbian scene in new movie When Will I Be Loved.

The 29-year-old is proud of her notorious kiss with Denise Richards in Wild Things but hopes her shocking antics in director James Toback's new film will be even sexier.

She says, "I play a young woman who is curious about life and is very sexually exploratory. It's about three characters, how they meet and then manipulate each other. It's pretty sexy. I get up to all sorts.

"My character has a couple of boyfriends and a girlfriend in the film. Which, after Wild Things wasn't new ground for me. Actually, I think I've kissed girls in six movies I've made. It's a pattern that seems to have stuck. But I enjoy it.

"Denise and I drank loads of red wine beforehand to prepare ourselves for the sex scene. If young guys approach me to tell me what their favourite film of mine is, they really don't have to tell me. I'm pretty sure I know the answer. But this film will be even sexier."

03/09/2004 09:09