If you could relive a night over and over until you got the most perfect result regardless of the future consequences, would you go through with it? In 'When We First Met', it's certainly the ideal solution for one guy who's desperate to turn back the clocks and so his best friend that he's the man of her dreams.

Adam DeVine and Alexandra Daddario star in 'When We First Met'Adam DeVine and Alexandra Daddario star in 'When We First Met'

You can't get away from the obvious fact that it's so similar to 'Groundhog Day', but rather than this being a lesson in being a good person and doing the right thing, 'When We First Met' is all about how things happen for a reason, and how changing the past may seem desirable, but you can never predict the future.

Noah Ashby (played by 'Workaholics' star Adam DeVine) meets the most perfect girl at a costume party one day. He and Avery Martin (played by Alexandra Daddario from 'Baywatch') seem to hit it off immediately, venturing off to a bar before winding up in an ancient looking photo booth. 

Unfortunately for him, the night does not end in a first kiss with fireworks in the background, but a friendly hug and a confirmation that he's been totally 100% friendzoned. Three years later, they're still super close, except that Avery is now engaged to someone else.

Lamenting the imminent loss of the love of his life, he returns to the photo booth, only to wake up the next morning and find himself three years into the past. It seems the perfect scenario; he can go back to that first night together, impress her with his inside knowledge and take her breath away with his James Bond costume.

Of course, things do not turn out as planned the second time around either, but instead of being relegated to the friendzone, he immediately finds himself in the crazy stalker-zone. Even when he goes back again and the night appears to end with the romantic ecstasy he thought he wanted, he becomes just another one night stand rather than a future husband.

Adam DeVine gets hugged in 'When We First Met'Adam DeVine gets hugged in 'When We First Met'

Over and over he tries to change the course of his future with Avery and persuade her to fall in love with him, but it gets harder and harder with each try.

Created by the Academy Award winning Ari Sandel who directed 2015's 'The DUFF', 'When We First Met' is a homage to all those time-loop style stories, with the twist that the protagonist is actually in charge of his own temporal travel. 

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It's set to hit Netflix on February 9th 2018. 

Alexandra Daddario in 'When We First Met'Alexandra Daddario in 'When We First Met'