Sex, violence and a whole heap of adventure, that’s one way to sum up ‘Marco Polo’, a new series hitting Netflix this December. The series' first trailer has just debuted online and has already sent tongues wagging. So could it be that Netflix has got its very own 'Game of Thrones'?

NetflixMarco Polo comes to Netflix this December

Set in war-torn 13th century China, the series follows young explorer Marco Polo during his adventures in Kublai Khan’s court. The legendary Polo is played by Lorenzo Richelmy, a 24 year old Italian newcomer.

However behind the scenes 'Marco Polo' boasts an impressive list of names, including creator  John Fusco, best known for writing 'The Forbidden Kingdom' and executive producer Harvey Weinstein, who needs no introduction. 

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From the trailer, we’re expecting 'Marco Polo' to be an action packed, blood soaked adventure, served up with a healthy side of sex, which probably makes it the perfect rival to the mighty 'Game of Thrones' on HBO.

Speaking of 'Game of Thrones', alumni Dan Minahan has directed two episodes of 'Marco Polo's' 10 part first season, while also serving as an executive producer.

But it's not just the sex and violence which has everyone talking, the trailer is also gaining praise for its impressive production values and cinematography.

Watch the trailer for Netflix's 'Marco Polo' here

Staring alongside Lorenzo Richelmy is Cloud Atlas’ Zhu Zhu as Marco’s love interest Kokachin, while PrometheusBenedict Wong plays Kublai Khan, and The Last Emperor's  Joan Chen is the Empress Chabi. 

The addition of 'Marco Polo' sees Netflix further diversifying their original programming which began with 'House of Cards' and 'Orange is the New Black'. New series which will also be coming our way in the next few months include Marvel Studios’ .Daredevil. and Scholastic’s 'Magic School Bus'.

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Netflix is also moving into movies with the announcement of the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sequel and three new Adam Sandler projects to premiere on the service.